Tuesday, June 1, 2010


WHO ME?!? What did I do???

OOOHHH boy. Don't let that cute face fool you. Lochte has lived up to the words on his collar..."Bad to the Bone." And, not in the good way. Lochte is starting to make the imfamous "Marley" look more like Mother Teresa.

When we are home, he is GREAT! He's my little shadow, perfectly happy to be by my side. He cuddles, gives kisses and will do anything to please you. When you LEAVE on the other hand, he turns into a little terror. I've heard about canine seperation anxiety, but WOW!! Get this dog some Xanax!

In the one month that we have owned him, he has cost more than me, Phil and Phelps combined. I swear, I could feed a small country with the amount money I've spent replacing stuff that he's destroyed....

His newest victim in his path of destruction?? The front door. Yes, you heard me. Lochte chewed his way THROUGH the front door so that he is able to stick his head out and wait for us to get home.

Who needs a front door anyways?? It's not like it's HOT here or anything. And burglars? Come on in! I'm sure you would do less damage than the dog anyways...


  1. I think a trip to the vet for puppy prozac is in order - the sooner the better!! Poor Lochte (or is it poor Becky & Phil?)

  2. I think you should have named your little destructor "B.P.". So sorry...