Saturday, May 29, 2010


I celebrated my birthday this week....27, AHH! I'm officially past my mid-twenties and into my LATE twenties, which makes me WAY closer to 30 than 20! Where did the time go??

Anyways, I was lucky enough to have my fabulous friends to help me kick the getting-older blues. And, we've been celebrating ALL week (since my birthday fell on a Wednseday, I figured I should have TWO "birthday weekends"!).

Last Friday, the lovely ladies of MCCW 443, kicked off the celebration marathon with dinner and drinks at the Toasted Pheasant. This was followed by a Sunday night dinner with Dan and Joey; followed by a fancy Wednseday night dinner with the hubs; followed by a Friday morning breakfast with Rosa & Sharon; followed by another Friday night celebration with Ben, Kerri, Eli, Dan and Joey (again).

With all this celebration, I've had to counter-act the mass calorie intake by working out like a maniac! And, it feels really good to get back into the exercise routine after a (much-longer-than-I'd-like-to-admit) hiatus from the gym. Gotta keep working out to keep my metabolism from slowing... After all, I'm not 20 anymore! :)


  1. Sounds like you had a many fabulous birthday celebrations! Love to you, Phil and the pups. We miss you guys!

  2. Thanks Court! We miss you too!! Hope all is well in B-lo! :)