Thursday, May 6, 2010


So, in the first few days with our new pup, I've realized that:

1. Lochte does not like being crated. Enough said.

2. A 90 lb puppy can be very, very distructive when it escapes from it's crate (or in his case, eats its way through it's crate). Today, he tore down blinds (on 2 different windows), knocked over a computer, pushed in a closet door, opened and shredded all kinds of papers, and chewed the corner of our computer desk, among other things contained in our computer room. Don't believe me? Here is the evidence...

He did NOT, however, even TOUCH any of the chew toys I so kindly laid out for him in his crate.

3. Hieght runs in the family. Lochte is "SOO BIG!"

4. Everyone likes a good, long walk on the beach.

5. He does not like baths. He did, however, like rolling in seaweedy goo and sand at the beach. This did wonders for his shaggy white coat...

6. Although he's a handful, he's not all bad. He's actually super sweet and loving. I think (HOPE AND PRAY) he will settle down when he fully adjusts to his new home. We fixed Phelps, didn't we?! And she was WAY more spastic than he is!

Let's just say that these two have kept me pretty busy this week while Phil was away. I'm just thankful he is home and I can take a break from "single parenting" for awhile. I've had enouch trouble for one week!

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