Friday, May 14, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

They say you need 8 hours of sleep a night... right... I'm lucky to get 5. If sleeping is hereditary, I must have inherited my mom's gene for chronic sleep deprivation.

Phil makes fun of me because I go to bed early. But I have to go to bed early if I want any sleep!

Phil and I have a queen size bed in our room. It's not small, but considering I have to share it with a husband that takes up 3/4 the bed and a dog (Phelps) that also takes up a good portion, things get a little cramped. Luckily, Lochte has not figured out how to hoist his big body up there... yet.

It's not necessarily the space that is to blame for my lack of zzz's, but the noise. Unlike Phil, who could sleep through a hurricane, I am a very light sleeper. After two years living together, I have finally adjusted to his usual sleeping habits i.e. talking, yelling, kicking, snoring... Now, I have to deal with ANOTHER noisy sleeper. That's right, Lochte. He is a very deep, heavy breather. He likes to get right up to your face and just breathe on you until you wake up. He will do this randomly throughout the night. And, believe me, it's not the most pleasant thing to wake up to...

After being kept up for a good portion of the last several nights, I decided to try my luck sleeping solo in the guest bedroom. And, I slept like a rock! I actually woke up feeling well rested...something that hasn't happened in YEARS. Who knew all you needed was a little peace and quiet to get in some quality REMs?? For all of you other insomniacs out there, I highly recommend it.

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  1. Your bed sounds like ours... Me shoved in on the edge of the bed while Aaron and Willis sleep like babies.