Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drill, baby, drill?

I am NOT very political... but does anyone remember the Republican slogan from the 2008 elections, "drill, baby, drill!"??? Well, now it's more like, "Spill, baby, spill."

As lifelong beach/water lovers, Phil and I take advantage of the area's local beaches frequently. It should be no surprise that we have become very distraught about the recent oil spill in the Gulf. It's a story that we've been following closely over the past month, and it looks as though it already impacting wildlife (countless animals and beaches) and the economy (tourism, hotels, seafood restaurants, fisherman, etc.) here in Florida. Unfortunately, the full effects will not be known for years.

Until then, there are many organizations looking for volunteers and supplies that need our help. For more information re: relief & recovery organizations, visit Please do your part to keep our environment safe and clean!

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