Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dog Blog

So, many of you have been wanting some doggy updates... well, here they are!

Introducing the newest member of the family: Lochte (pronounced lock-t) Zawadzki... yea, we're stickin' with the famous swimmer theme...

I picked up our little 90 lb fur baby this afternoon. Of course, I had an idea to meet up at a dog park, so that they would both be tired when they got home. Turns out that was a great idea.... here is a picture of our dead dogs...

There was a little bit of play and exploring before they passed out...

Although I'm really excited about our new dog, I'm trying not to neglect Phelps, who has become a very spoiled only child over the past 2 years...

Here are some of Phelps' favorite things...
cuddling with dad,

playing in the bushes,

taking long walks, swimming, and fishing at the beach,

sleeping on the couch,

riding on the Skiff,

playing with her friends,

playing ball,

hanging out on the dock,

watching tv on the couch,

and protecting our house.

Can't wait to find out about all of Lochte's favorite things!

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  1. The dog pictures are great. The one of Phelps sleeping on the couch cracks me up!