Sunday, May 2, 2010

Buy low, sell high

Lots of exciting updates this week!

A few months ago (around Christmas), the whole Zawadzki family started talking about investing in a property. This is something Phil and I had been considering ever since the housing market tanked... but we really couldn't afford it on our own. Thankfully, the rest of the fam was up for the investment opportunity! With the help of our fabulous relator, Kerri, we found out about Coquina Key, a beautiful, waterfront condo complex in St. Pete. And with the current market prices, we just couldn't resist! This really IS a buyer's market! Buy low, sell high! That's the plan anyways...

My in-laws flew in this weekend for the closing, followed by a champagne celebration.

This is the view of one of the pools... heaven!

The pretty canal...

Next step is finding a tenant!

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