Saturday, May 29, 2010


I celebrated my birthday this week....27, AHH! I'm officially past my mid-twenties and into my LATE twenties, which makes me WAY closer to 30 than 20! Where did the time go??

Anyways, I was lucky enough to have my fabulous friends to help me kick the getting-older blues. And, we've been celebrating ALL week (since my birthday fell on a Wednseday, I figured I should have TWO "birthday weekends"!).

Last Friday, the lovely ladies of MCCW 443, kicked off the celebration marathon with dinner and drinks at the Toasted Pheasant. This was followed by a Sunday night dinner with Dan and Joey; followed by a fancy Wednseday night dinner with the hubs; followed by a Friday morning breakfast with Rosa & Sharon; followed by another Friday night celebration with Ben, Kerri, Eli, Dan and Joey (again).

With all this celebration, I've had to counter-act the mass calorie intake by working out like a maniac! And, it feels really good to get back into the exercise routine after a (much-longer-than-I'd-like-to-admit) hiatus from the gym. Gotta keep working out to keep my metabolism from slowing... After all, I'm not 20 anymore! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lazy Days

It's a hard life, but somebody's got to do it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Newest Teske

Baby Teske has arrived! My college roommate, Melissa, and her husband, Brian, welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world on May 17, 2010. He was 8 lb. 13 oz. and 20.5 inches.... Welcome, Jackson Jeffrey Teske!

Drill, baby, drill?

I am NOT very political... but does anyone remember the Republican slogan from the 2008 elections, "drill, baby, drill!"??? Well, now it's more like, "Spill, baby, spill."

As lifelong beach/water lovers, Phil and I take advantage of the area's local beaches frequently. It should be no surprise that we have become very distraught about the recent oil spill in the Gulf. It's a story that we've been following closely over the past month, and it looks as though it already impacting wildlife (countless animals and beaches) and the economy (tourism, hotels, seafood restaurants, fisherman, etc.) here in Florida. Unfortunately, the full effects will not be known for years.

Until then, there are many organizations looking for volunteers and supplies that need our help. For more information re: relief & recovery organizations, visit Please do your part to keep our environment safe and clean!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kerriben Queen

This past weekend, we took Ben and Kerri's boat, the Kerriben Queen, out on the Gulf for a day of fishing and lounging on the beach. We even had a little success with the fishies! Phil had the biggest catch of the day, a Spanish macril. Check out those teeth!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

They say you need 8 hours of sleep a night... right... I'm lucky to get 5. If sleeping is hereditary, I must have inherited my mom's gene for chronic sleep deprivation.

Phil makes fun of me because I go to bed early. But I have to go to bed early if I want any sleep!

Phil and I have a queen size bed in our room. It's not small, but considering I have to share it with a husband that takes up 3/4 the bed and a dog (Phelps) that also takes up a good portion, things get a little cramped. Luckily, Lochte has not figured out how to hoist his big body up there... yet.

It's not necessarily the space that is to blame for my lack of zzz's, but the noise. Unlike Phil, who could sleep through a hurricane, I am a very light sleeper. After two years living together, I have finally adjusted to his usual sleeping habits i.e. talking, yelling, kicking, snoring... Now, I have to deal with ANOTHER noisy sleeper. That's right, Lochte. He is a very deep, heavy breather. He likes to get right up to your face and just breathe on you until you wake up. He will do this randomly throughout the night. And, believe me, it's not the most pleasant thing to wake up to...

After being kept up for a good portion of the last several nights, I decided to try my luck sleeping solo in the guest bedroom. And, I slept like a rock! I actually woke up feeling well rested...something that hasn't happened in YEARS. Who knew all you needed was a little peace and quiet to get in some quality REMs?? For all of you other insomniacs out there, I highly recommend it.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


So, in the first few days with our new pup, I've realized that:

1. Lochte does not like being crated. Enough said.

2. A 90 lb puppy can be very, very distructive when it escapes from it's crate (or in his case, eats its way through it's crate). Today, he tore down blinds (on 2 different windows), knocked over a computer, pushed in a closet door, opened and shredded all kinds of papers, and chewed the corner of our computer desk, among other things contained in our computer room. Don't believe me? Here is the evidence...

He did NOT, however, even TOUCH any of the chew toys I so kindly laid out for him in his crate.

3. Hieght runs in the family. Lochte is "SOO BIG!"

4. Everyone likes a good, long walk on the beach.

5. He does not like baths. He did, however, like rolling in seaweedy goo and sand at the beach. This did wonders for his shaggy white coat...

6. Although he's a handful, he's not all bad. He's actually super sweet and loving. I think (HOPE AND PRAY) he will settle down when he fully adjusts to his new home. We fixed Phelps, didn't we?! And she was WAY more spastic than he is!

Let's just say that these two have kept me pretty busy this week while Phil was away. I'm just thankful he is home and I can take a break from "single parenting" for awhile. I've had enouch trouble for one week!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dog Blog

So, many of you have been wanting some doggy updates... well, here they are!

Introducing the newest member of the family: Lochte (pronounced lock-t) Zawadzki... yea, we're stickin' with the famous swimmer theme...

I picked up our little 90 lb fur baby this afternoon. Of course, I had an idea to meet up at a dog park, so that they would both be tired when they got home. Turns out that was a great idea.... here is a picture of our dead dogs...

There was a little bit of play and exploring before they passed out...

Although I'm really excited about our new dog, I'm trying not to neglect Phelps, who has become a very spoiled only child over the past 2 years...

Here are some of Phelps' favorite things...
cuddling with dad,

playing in the bushes,

taking long walks, swimming, and fishing at the beach,

sleeping on the couch,

riding on the Skiff,

playing with her friends,

playing ball,

hanging out on the dock,

watching tv on the couch,

and protecting our house.

Can't wait to find out about all of Lochte's favorite things!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birthday Month

It's May! Which means it is officially my birthday month! And, since my in-laws were in town, we did a little bit of an early celebration. And, as usual, they totally spoiled me! My favorite gift was a new, mini video camcorder. It's perfect! Now, I will have something to capture video of my new niece (coming in July) and our new puppy (coming on TUESDAY!).

Assistant to the General Manager

We had more to celebrate this weekend than just the property closing... Phil is movin' on up the corporate ladder! He was recently promoted to Assistant General Manager (or, if you are an Office fan, Assistant to the General Manager)! This is such a wonderful opportunity for him and we couldn't be prouder! He will be heading up to Columbus tomorrow for a week of AGM training!

Buy low, sell high

Lots of exciting updates this week!

A few months ago (around Christmas), the whole Zawadzki family started talking about investing in a property. This is something Phil and I had been considering ever since the housing market tanked... but we really couldn't afford it on our own. Thankfully, the rest of the fam was up for the investment opportunity! With the help of our fabulous relator, Kerri, we found out about Coquina Key, a beautiful, waterfront condo complex in St. Pete. And with the current market prices, we just couldn't resist! This really IS a buyer's market! Buy low, sell high! That's the plan anyways...

My in-laws flew in this weekend for the closing, followed by a champagne celebration.

This is the view of one of the pools... heaven!

The pretty canal...

Next step is finding a tenant!