Monday, April 12, 2010

Visitors: Round Three

This weekend, I was unable to fly up to Illinois for my Grandmother's funeral because we had so many friends/family coming to visit us this weekend.  At first, I was really upset that I had to miss it, but then my mom reminded me that funerals are for the living and there are many ways to honor and celebrate someone's life.  I am so thankful for the fun and support I recieved from my wonderful friends and family this weekend (as you will see, we stayed REALLY busy!).  Although I was not physically there, my thoughts were and prayers were with my family, especially my Dad, Uncle Bob and Aunt Sarah....

Anyways, my brother-in-law, Tad, was first to fly in on Thursday.  After Phil got off work, we headed over to Monstah Lobstah!!!  The guys were very excited about their 5 lb lobsters! 

My girls came in late (VERY LATE... Megan got delayed in Atlanta and didn't land until 2:30 AM!).  But, they all arrived safely.  Friday, the girls headed down to Clearwater Beach for some sun and drinks at Frenchy's! 

The boys stayed around the house and took the boat out fishing in the Bay...

Saturday, we went to the beach (again)...

And the boys headed down to Siesta Keys to meet up with one of Tad's college friends, Wong, who now lives in Ft. Myers.

When they got back to Tampa, we decided to grill out, play some cornhole and relax at our house...

After a nice dinner, we headed out to Channelside for some drinks and dancing at Stumps!  We had a great time... and even got the boys up dancing! 

Sunday, we traveled up to Crystal River to go swimming with the manatees (my favorite animal)!  Thanks to Phil's great hotel hook-up, we got a FREE pontoon rental for the day!  SO MUCH FUN!!!! 

And, we actually got a few underwater photos of the manatees!

We ended the night with an authentic Greek dinner at Tarpon Springs.  This is a Greek waterfront community known for sponge diving... and of course, good greek food.  We ordered some flaming cheese (OPA!), gyros, spanokopita, and broiled octopus (which was really disappointing, but when in Rome....).  


I was so thankful I took Monday off work, so I had some time to RECOVER from my VACATION! :)  I had such an awesome time with my friends and family!!!!! 

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  1. we were definitely busy! what a great weekend!