Thursday, April 1, 2010

NCAA: Round Four

Saturday was a day of frustration for me. I woke up after a not-so-good night sleep to a beautiful, warm, sunny day. This sounds wonderful, but I was so congested I could not even step outside without sneezing all over the place. Allergy season is here in full effect and my Claritin has failed me!!
THEN, my mom calls me to tell me that Caitlin (my younger sister in the peace corps) would be traveling into San, Africa so we could skype with her! I was so excited because I haven't actually seen her since JULY and have only been able to correspond with her via email and written letters (so 1950s, I know)! Again, good news, right?! WRONG! I spent about 2 hours trying to get our Internet fixed and missed the whole family chat! I think we must have a Virus or something because both of our computers are slowly dying... Thank goodness for my blackberry!

Anyways, I was really bummed I missed Caitlin but was super excited to watch my cats take on West Virginia for a chance to make it to the FINAL FOUR!! I never thought that we'd be a national champion contender again so quickly after the past several years. Last year we weren't even good enough to be IN the tournament (what I like to refer to as the Dark Ages under ex-coach Billy Gillespie), let alone the elite eight! Coach Cal has certainly given the fans something to be excited about!! And what a year its been!

Unfortunately, we lost and it wasn't pretty. Our team's inexperience and immaturity finally got the best of us. It's kinda hard to win a game when you don't make any of your 3 point or free throw attempts! Thankfully, my depression didn't last too long. A little retail therapy was just what the doctor ordered!

What do you think the chances of all of our studs pulling a UF and staying one more year?! Not likely, but I'm a UK fan... Unrealistically optimistic!

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