Thursday, April 22, 2010


I LOVE living in Florida, but there are some things I really miss about living in the bluegrass state (besides my friends and family)...

Keeneland, a famous venue for thoroughbred horse racing and sales, is always a highlight during my trips home (Remember the movie Seabiscuit? Part of it was filmed there! Practically right in our own backyard!). It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and so much fun! The pictures featured here are compliments of my younger sister and talented photographer, Caitlin.

Unfortunately, Keeneland is only open for races 2 months a year; spring season begins in April and is then closed until the fall season in October. Phil and I usually plan a whole trip home just to enjoy horses, bourbon, gambling, sunshine and friends. This year, our April has been SOO busy that we couldn't find a free weekend! Bummer. And then I started looking at the fall calendar and realized that our fall has practically filled up, too! Guess there are no pony races in our 2010 future.

I was, however, glad to hear that my parents have been able to get out and enjoy the Keeneland festivities this year! Yesterday was my dad's birthday (I won't say how old... ) and some of their best college friends, the Waldners and the Heverins, decided to take him out for a birthday/end of tax season celebration. And, I guess I even brought them a little bit of gambling luck! My dad won some $$ betting on "Becky's Kitten," and then again with "Captain Obvious" (a nickname I gave him when we were standing outside in the snow and he said "It's snowing.").

Maybe this means it is my lucky year?! Hope that luck is around in August when we head out west to VEGAS!

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