Monday, March 22, 2010

Visitors: Round Two

2 weeks in a row: 2 sets of visitors. Very fun, but very exhausting!

Thursday night, Andy, Phil's best friend from Philly, came into town!  And then on Friday morning, Mom and Dad Z joined us. For our first dinner out, we decided to celebrate our reunion and Phil's manager of the year award.  So, we  headed out to eat at one of our favorite local seafood restaurants, Monstah Lobstah!  It's a little hole-in-the wall crab shack with a heavy New England/Boston influence and AMAZING food.  The boys all ordered 5 lb. LOBSTERS!!!  (which are shipped from Maine almsot daily).  These lobsters were HUGE!  Half of the fun was just trying to watch them crab open these claws that were bigger than my hand.  I just wish I had brought my camera (this picture is from my phone)! I passed on lobster and ordered snow crab instead... it was not as big, but was really quite delicious.

Saturday morning, M&D Z, Phelps and I headed down to Picnic Island dog beach.  We were the ONLY ones there, which was really nice and peaceful.  We walked up and down the beach for about a half hour and then M&D Z decided to take a stroll down the dock.  I was several hundred feet behind them, trying to control Phelpsie's excitement, when I notice a giant manatee looking out of the water.  And then I realized it wasn't just one manatee, it was 3!  A mama and her 2 calves.  I called for them to turn around a come back, but just as I did the manatee started swimming under the dock.  They were moving pretty quickly, but M&D were able to catch a little glimpse of them before they were out of sight.  I think this made my mother-in-laws day!  She was just talking about how she never gets to see ANY dolphin or manatee when she is here...

Anyways, after the beach, we headed back and got cleaned up for Eli's 1st birthday party!!! (It was also Andy's 26th birthday!).  Kerri and Ben rented out some cabanas at the pool in their condo complex.  They had tons of food, drinks and games.  And the weather couldn't have been any better!

Following the party, we went back to our house to watch some basketball... after a disappointing OU loss, we decided to cheer ourselves up with a sunset cruise on the boat.  We went out, and what did we see??? DOLPHIN!  Mom Z was thrilled!

Saturday night, Phil and I decided to take Andy out to the bars for his birthday.  We went down to Channelside in the Port of Tampa, to meet up with my friend, Tara, and her fiancee, Garrison.  Did I mention that Garrison is a long snapper for the Buffalo Bills?!?!!  Phil was so excited because now we have a GREAT hook-up if we ever need NFL tickets!!!  Tara is moving up to Buffalo in May (after USF graduation) and is already looking forward to our next visit up to Buffalo, NY (where Phil has a lot of family)!

Sunday, the cold, rainy weather made a re-apperance.  Just in time for our Phillies spring training game.  After a long, muddy walk to the stadium, we had a 2 hour rain delay.  We ended up leaving the game around the 7th inning, so we could make it home for our dinner guests: John and Sally Hersh!!!!  They just happened to be in Clearwater the same time M&D Z were in town!  Perfect timing!  So, we had a nice dinner at our house.  Great way to end a great weekend!

I'm so thankful we have so many people that are able to come visit us!  It helps me from being homesick. :) I'm already looking forward to Visitors: Round 3 in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!!

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