Friday, March 19, 2010

Visitors: Round 1

We had a successful first round of out-of-towners! The Lelli sisters arrived last Sunday around dinner time.  We had a casual night out: dinner and drinks by the water at a local tiki bar, called Jack Willies.  They later went on a midnight boat ride down the canal to the opening of the Bay. There was a small craft advisory in effect, so they opted NOT to take our 14 ft Carolina Skiff out into open waters... good choice.  I'm sure Phil would have been game, but I think the last coast guard incident 2 nights before our wedding was enough for Dianna.  They did however, get to see some dolphin! 

On Monday, Phil, Dianna and Jess headed to a Phillies spring training game (while I was stuck inside at work....).  I got a phone call when I got out asking me if I wanted meet them at our favorite beach hangout, Frenchy's, on Clearwater Beach.  So, I hurried home from work, let the dog out etc. and made it there right at 4:30 (the time we had agreed upon).  I waited... and waited... and waited... no Phil, Dianna and Jess.  About 2 hours later, they FINALLY show up.  They got stuck in traffic and were not great spirits (despite a Phillies win!).  But we got some yummy food and all was good.

They left on Tuesday morning and Tuesday night we headed home to clean up the house for round number 2 of visitors (Andy, Mom and Dad Zawadzki) arriving on Thursday.....

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