Saturday, February 27, 2010

The need for SPEED

5K = 3.1 miles.

I remember the good old days when that distance felt like WARM-UP!  The days when swimming for 4 hours a day was "normal" and our 7 mile runs in the offseason were considered "Friday Fun Day" at practice.   It seems crazy to me that those days have been over for 5 years... 

Now, I face the reality of life as a working adult.  Finding the balance between work, money, health, friends, family and all of my other responsibilities.  Sometimes 24 hours is not enough time in a day, and unfortunately, exercise is often the first thing to go.  I have to make a conscious effort to get off the couch after a long day of work to go through the motions at the gym, or to run a few laps around the neighborhood with our dog. Pathetic. 

Although Phil and I started "training" for the race about a month ago... I have to admit that my consistency and efforts were somewhat lacking....  I wasn't really too worried though.  I've done my share of endurance events before, including a half marathon in 2007 and olympic distance triathalon last spring.  If I could do those, a 5K would be a snatch!

We woke up this morning with race day upon us.  It was too late for regrets about lack of was do or die.  Phil and I made our way downtown, registered, and waited for the race to begin. 

Weather conditions for the race were less than ideal... It wasn't the 50 degree weather that bothered me so much, it was the misty rain and cold wind that were the killer.

Our heat took off at 9:30 AM.  Approximately 27 minutes and 30 seconds later Phil crossed the finish line... and about 15 seconds and a side cramp later, I did.  I can't believe he beat me!!!  (Phil had a reputation at OU for being the worst runner on the team...).

Now, I realize that I am NOT the well-conditioned athlete that I once was and I DO actually need to prepare a little.  Maybe this will give me a little more motivation to get back to the gym!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Florida State Fair Extravaganza

Ahh... the Florida State Fair.... And nothing spells the fair like greasey food, stomach-turning rides, and carni folk.

Phil loves the tv show "Man vs. Food."  The show is about this crazy guy who travels all over the country to find and conquer the biggest food challenges. So, naturally, Phil's goal of the fair was to find the most biggest, most disguisting, fattening, unhealthy food there and try it.  Last year, the food craze was chocolate covered bacon- which he tried, and LOVED.  This year's food attractions included:  fried butter, fried candy bars and, of course, a krispie creme cheeseburger. He opted to try the later. Talk about cloggin' the arteries! Beef, cheese, mayo, with 2 krisie creme donoughts as buns.... ew.  This is what is wrong with America. And of course, he loved every bite of it. 

My favorite part of the fair, is the rides.  The turning, spinning, jerking, up and down of those oh-so-reliable  and well-crafted carnival rides. Normally, Phil will go on one or two of them before getting too scared, sick, or "injured." Thankfully, this year, our fearless friend, Dan Stone, was with us.  I think Dan and I went on every ride there.  Only once did I feel the slightest bit nauseous.... quite the accomplishment!

 Now, I'm from Kentucky, so I have some understanding of the classy folk you see at these types of events.  My poor Philadelphia born and raised husband is a little more naive about this stuff.  Last year, Phil convinced me that we needed to pay an extra $5 each to go see the WORLD'S GREATEST FREAK SHOW.  Ah, the fair would not be complete without a good old-fashinoned freak show.  I tried to persuade him that this was a rip-off, but his mind was set.  He wanted to see the lady with a snake's body and the man with 6 arms. So we went.  Saw the what you can imagine was the lamest possible freak show. EVER. And then we left- very disappointed and unsatisfied.  This year, I was sure that the disappointment of last year's freaks would be enough to deteer Phil from trying again.... I was wrong.  Luckily, this time I was not subjected to it.  Phil dragged our other friends: Brandon and Joey, to the freak show while Dan and I were on a ride. Let's just say they got to see the world's smallest horse firsthand.  Jealous much??

Our fair adventures are over...for now.... we are eagerly awaiting next year's new adventures, food challenges, and of course, a couple more freaks.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Home visit: Check! 

Believe it or not, we passed our home inspection with the Great Pyrenees Rescue!  A volunteer and her great pyrenees, Lucille, came over for the home/personality evaluation yesterday afternoon. 

Initially, I was a little worried how Phelps might respond to a 100 lb dog entering our house (I have a tendancy to be a little over-protective).  Phelps has never shown any aggression towards anything/anyone and prefers dogs to humans (much to our chagrin).... but still, I was worried.  Mostly because she has never been exposed another dog that large before... and definitely not in her home!  Lucille had a good 50-60 lbs on Phelps' usual playmates....

ANYWAYS, my fears were quickly put aside.  Phelps had Lucille pinned on the ground within 2 minutes of her running through our door.  I was almost worried that Phelps was playing TOO rough, but everytime I looked at Lucy, she was wagging her tail and smiling.  She was SUCH a good sport!  Apparently, that's the breed's natural disposition.  The owner said they were gentle giants, "lovers not fighters."  Good news.  Very good.

After a few minutes of indoor play, we let them out back to run around in our yard.  At one time, we had a BEAUTIFUL yard/landscape... not so much now.  Phelps has done some.....damage.  Our backyard now looks like how I would imagine Iraq...dirt piles, huge holes, scraps of wood and other objects randomly spread all over....  My dad appropriately nicknamed her "Digger Phelps" during one of his trips to Tampa for this very reason. 

Anways, they played for a few more minutes and then we let them back inside.  Lucille, who is a gorgeous white fluffy dog, came back inside the house, a nice shade of BROWN.  Head to toe... Looks like if this adoption goes through, we will be giving LOTS of baths.  That, or we will need to get a housekeeper to follow those two around! 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Are you ready for some Kickball??

A few weeks ago, we participated in a St. Jude's Charity kickball tournament  Before Florida, I probably hadn't played kickball since I was 10.  But shortly after moving here, our friend, Dan, organized a kickball team (Schweaty Balls) with the Tampa Bay Club Sports.  We played in a weekly league for 3 seasons.  The league was really more social than competitive (although, our team probably DID take it a little too seriously at times...especially against our rivals- Mugs-N-Jugs, and Kick-in-the-Balls).  

Anyways, I thought that this charity event would be a joke, but things turned brutal pretty quickly- there was lots of trash talk and heckling from the stands and players.... most of which were on my team...

Anyways, we ended playing 4 x 40 minute games... We finished in 2nd place- under protest-  because the only team that beat us was actually the best players from 2 earlier elimated teams.... they "forgot" to put any girls in their line-up.... Regardless, it was a fun day with great friends!  

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A New Dog?

As many of you know, Phil and I have been looking to expand our family... Our dog, Phelps, is dying for a playmate to keep her company during the time that we are at work... She loves, loves, loves going to the dog beach/park and playing with all of the other dogs. 

Phelps was finally able to meet her cousin, Callie, from Kentucky over Thanksgiving break.  And boy did she LOVE the overnight doggie guest.  They played 24/7, and even got to go romp around on the beach for awhile (Callie's 1st time).  

Ever since then, I was convinced we needed another dog.  As Phil will tell you, when I want something, I want it RIGHT NOW!   However, Phil, was not completely convienced and initially resisted.  But, as usual, after a little persistent begging, he finally gave in and got on board with the idea. 

So, the reserach began... A couple weeks ago, Phelpsie and I made a trip up to Orlando to meet "Lina," a little boxer mix, in hopes of an adoption.... But, turns out, they were not such a good match.  Two alpha females ='s fight.  Lesson learned.  We went back to the drawing board....

After what seems like endless searching, we have decided to try our luck with a great pyrenees pup!  (In case you don't know, these dogs are basically mini polar bears!  They can get up to 150lbs!  We decided that we needed a big dog that will be able to keep up with Phelps!) 

Anyways, we've contacted the rescue organization and they are processing our application.  Once that goes through, they will send someone out for a home evaluation and for a meeting of the dogs!!!  Keep your fingers crossed!