Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wild Dolphin

We see dolphin very frequently- probably close to 75% of the days on the water. When we first moved to Florida, I was amazed every time we saw one in the wild, but we see them so often, it doesn't like a big deal anymore.

On Friday afternoon, Phil and I went out on our boat (the Skiff) for a quick cruise around the Bay. On our way back to the house, we ran into a large pack of dolphins!

Most of the time, we are way more excited to see them than they are us. They usually seem very uninterested and will pass by us without much interaction. But these dolphins were ready to play!

As we approached a small one lept out of the air, almost directly over the front of our boat. We stopped, and looked around and there were probably 15 dolphin circling our boat. They would swim right up to the edge and then quickly dodge under the boat to the other side. As the swam by, they would look up at us (I SWEAR they were smiling at us!). They got soo close to us I could have touched them if I had put my hand down in the water.

They varied in size a lot. The one that jumped up really high, was obviously young. But there was one was the length of our entire boat, if not longer.

It was so neat to have such a close encounter with nature. I'm reminded AGAIN of why I love living in Florida!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just keep running...

This year, Phil and I have decided to take part in some of the Gasparilla festivities. We will be running in the Gasperilla 5K on Saturday, February 27th ... which means we have exactly 38 days left of training!

Training has consistented of nightly 2-3 mile runs with our (sometimes naughty) dog, Phelps. Let's just say Phil and I aren't the ones that set the pace... we just hold on and try to keep up. I think she could run a 5K in about 10 minutes, if we let her.

Phil's goal is 28 minutes (not because that's a good time, but because his brother, Tad, ran it last year in 29 minutes). My goal, obviously, is to beat Phil. :) Realistically, I think we'll both be pleased to finish in one piece.

Until then, we're just gonna keep on running...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cardiac Cats

UK has finally returned to the top of college basketball (long time waiting)! This season has been so much fun to watch. Although 3 of our starting 5 are freshman, the talent on this young team is pretty amazing...

I was able to go watch the UK vs UF game in Gainsville on Tuesday, thanks to my wonderful husband. "The Swamp" was packed with screaming Gator fans... totally obnoxious...whoever said orange is the new pink was totally mistaken. :)

Anyways, UK got off to a great start, leading by as much as 16. But that was shortlived... the lead was blown late in the 2nd and Florida tied it up 72-72 with about 4 minutes left in the game. THANKFULLY, the CATS eeked out a W and the record improved to 17-0. I watched the game yesterday, and they AGAIN sqeeked out a late game victory over Auburn. These CATS are going to give me a heart attack before the season is over! They've earned many nicknames, including my favorite "CARDIAC CATS." I also like my mom's rendition-- "Cal's Close Call CATS."

Regardless, a record of 18-0 is a pretty darn good start to the season! Especially with wins over Loserville, UNC, UCONN, IU AND FLORIDA! Can't beat that! GO CATS!

OTHER NEWS- Looks like my Grandma has stabalized... for now. She is still in the hospital but will be discharged back to the nursing home on Monday, if all goes well. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My first blog...

Unfortunately, my first blog is filled with sad news...

Yesterday, my grandma (McGaughey), was sent to the hospital after suffering from congestive heart failure, a mild heart attack, and shortness of breath (her O2 stats dropped to 75). She was diagnosed with a new pneumonia (which as been a recurrent issue) and was given breathing treatments and heavy antibiodics through IV. They are also giving her Lasiks to help get rid of the fluid retention, but the new medication has effected her blood pressure (hers was 80/40 last night). Doctors are adjusting the medication to try and find the right dosage.

My Aunt Sarah, Uncle Bob and dad are up in IN right now visiting... Say she is stable for now. Hopefully, she will be able to return to the nursing home in a few days. She, and my family, have had a difficult year. Please keep her in your continued prayers!

More updates (hopefully, happier) to come...