Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March fun

Backyard babes:

Trey's Pre-k school pic:

Charlie put on a puppet show of the three little pigs...with an alternative ending where the wolf eats everything.   

Walking on the trails in our neighborhood. 

St Pattys crawfish boil!  The boys had a great time playing in jess' pool and hot tub!

Beau trying to crawl...and getting frustrated when he can't!

Out for drinks with the birthday girl (Steph):

Bowling at Eli's birthday party!  Trey beat all of the 7-8 year olds in his lane!! 

Trey finishes his tball clinic this week and Charlie starts soccer next week!  They both wrapped up swim lessons this week (we plan to do some more in May before vacation).  Trey starts real Tball in May!  

Trey has also qualified for speech services through the public school!  His initial meeting is scheduled the beginning of April and he will start services right after.... 3 hours a week!  We are becoming busier by the second.  

Despite our rough transition and recent bad/sad events, I have to say I am actually enjoying living here.  We already have some great friends (mostly thanks to Kerri) and I have much more social support with the girls in my neighborhood then I did living in Nashville.  

I still find it flat, and ugly here.... but it's starting to turn green and it's making a world of difference.  I'm excited to take some blue bell pics in a few weeks! 












Monday, March 13, 2017

Exploring New Places

We went to downtown McKinney this weekend and LOVED it!  Such charm and so many cool shops and venues.  It reminded me of a mix between Dunedin and Franklin... very cute and walkable.  The boys discovered the joy of magic at the magic shop!  We left with a whoopy cushion that has been used constantly.  Sadly, I did not get any pics but have decided this is definitely a visitor worthy trip next time we have company.  In the fall/winter they have a huge dinosaur display at the Heard museum.  Can't wait to check it out!

This is a new park just a few minutes away.  They had an adjoining splash park that we will try out this summer!

And a few of Beau at home:


















iPhone Pics

T-ball starter clinic:

Baby Led Weaning 

Downtown Dallas:









Friday, March 10, 2017


On Tuesday, Phelps accidentally escaped out the front door, was hit by a car and passed away.  We are heartbroken over the unexpected loss of our baby girl, 1 day before her birthday, 6 months after loosing Lochte and just days after loosing my Papa.  It was clearly an accident, but I can't help but feel extremely guilty and responsible.     This has been a long, hard week for us. RIP, Phelpsie.